Der Hund blieb mir im Sturme treu, der Mensch nicht mal im Winde!
  Josi -the spanish boy

: We met him in winter 2010 on the coastline of Andalusia. We call him JOSI because it is a common name for men in Spain!
He gets the little brother of Miki but today he is faster and taller than she. (14kg) He was underweight (9kg) and had a very bad accident with a car before we got him.
The 2 dogs got friends and he followed us, by his free will, so we had to make the decision to adopt him or to wait until the dogcatcher will prison him!
Today he plays a very important rule in my showprogramm and I can not imagin a life without him!

Jose: born spring 2010, male dog
  1. his education:
  2. his charakter:
  3. his successes
to 1.) My biggest doubts were, how can I get a dog from the street "room-clean"?
It was easier than I thought, he accepted our house as his houle and behaved very well. Sure in the first time, we have done a lot of walks that he could do his "business", but he did know that he was arrived and did not want to lose us. 5 months after his first steps in our house, he passsed his first exam.(BGH-A)
to 2.) he is a mixture between "Galgo" a spanish running dog, Andalusien PODENCO and maybe Colli . He is very quick and attentive. In the beginning he has problems with his concentration but "learning during playing" helped us to improve his strain /stresslevel.
to 3.) ...he learned a lot, he experienced so much, we still do so much new things together with me, that it would be an endless list to mention our sucesses!
first, every day was a big sucess in his new life, later the competition, his big journey from Spain to Hungary...
Successful examination BGH1
Successful Agility A1 competition 
winner 2013 and 2012 in marabella on the Obedience examination of Triple A

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