Der Hund blieb mir im Sturme treu, der Mensch nicht mal im Winde!
  about me

Eng: Raised up on the country-side, involved in agricultural work on my grandmother's farm, who has a natural treatment of animals, I learned to be sensitive for our plants and animals on this globe.

The love of horses I herited from my grandfather, who worked with horses and spent almost the whole day with them and was able to interpret them and knew their needs!
After school (graduated in Austria)  followed anequestrian education (riding-teacher). Here I learned from old masters, to ride young horse in a "fair" way,  but also to show difficult or wild horses with peace and understanding a new way!

In addition, I acquired through self-study knowledge about dogs. My father is a hunting-dogs-leader, so  I collected experience in dealing with dogs. But I had other ideas of how to lead a log. 
Now I live with 2 dogs under one roof and share with them the joys and sorrows. Who invited me invited my dog too!

But now back to me, born 1982, grown up with two sisters. 

                                                        Yours, Angelika
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