Der Hund blieb mir im Sturme treu, der Mensch nicht mal im Winde!

 She is my first own dog. I got her from a rescue center in Hungary
We think that she was born in 2005. I found her in may2007 , because she looks like or gone family-dog.
We had not a easy start, because she had her own head. She loves her free moments but likes it too to learn during games new tricks. 
  1. her education
  2. her character
  3. her successes

Each animal is unique. His character and what the animals has experienced affects the length of the training. We learn new lessons and to still have a lot of fun during our games!

to 1.) in the first weeks I only could lead her with a collar, because she has to leran a lot. I gave her food from my hand, that she would get a deeper connection to me. With this mode she learned her new name. After that, our band was big enought to set her free and leran her more triks. She loves it to be  the middlepoint / center of everything!
to 2.) Because she is such a sweet girl and behaves in a friendly way she never got problem with other dogs. It seems to me, that in the years before I get her, she has to coexist with a lot of other dogs and so she learned to be everybodies' friend. In my assistend work with children she is the safe place for overcome the fear of dogs. 
On the other side she is a wild panther! If she get the chance for hunting - she showes her Terrier-blood. Heelwork is not her pleasure.
to 3.) Together with Miki I discovered the world of agility (dogs' sport) and we learned to pass competitions,  I can trust her in every situation. She is:  Dog of my life!
Winner Agility Kezdö 2012 (mini)
2nd place the best Trick 2013 and 2012 in Marabella
assistant dog / schooldog for children

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